Hello Kanimozhi:)
I attended your exclusive session on breastfeeding. I dint realise that 2 hours passed by that says how attention you were able to draw from the participants and i liked how you made a PPT with pointers which made the session more clear. Definitely I expect to have a better breastfeeding journey with all the information i have had the opportunity to know from you. You gave a very confident presentation which speaks about your expertise in the field. And there few things which i could have been confused about, had i not attended the session ( for example how change the feeding from 2 hours once to demand based feeding).
Thank you once again for a very informative and practical session on breastfeeding.

Mrs. Shrinidhi

Session was extensive. You gave all the details related to breastfeeding. Worth the money. Unlike others you have put presentation which is very informative and helpful.

Mrs. Swathy

Hi , The session cleared a lot of doubts. Thanks for patiently addressing lot of doubts. A much needed session. For newgen mom’s.

Mrs. Vatul Ashwini

Hi Today’s Infant care session was so informative thanks for clearing all our doubts patiently.your energy level is superb..During this quarantine period actually you helped all new mom’s to feel stress free to welcome our baby.Thank you once again.

Mrs. Swathini

The meeting was really good and so informative for me specially. 6 months pregnant and was actually keep on thinking what would be the real go during labour and after pregnancy. Seriously you been a good eye opener and thanks.
Also it was overwhelmed when I had husband with me for the meeting.
Will be waiting for the next session of yours.

Mrs. Keerthana

I met her on my 3rd day post delivery when I was totally depressed and worried about my milk supply she stepped home at night 10.00pm on a special request, with people around questing me about milk supply and not allowing me to feed my kid assuming I have less milk production she told me about the importance of breast feeding. I also had latching issues with hurt nipples, she came to as an angle and gave me all the support and encouraged me to feed my kid and told the importance of skin to skin contact with her motivating words and support I started feeding my little one without listing to anyone around. She stayed for 2 hours supported me helped my kid latch with different position. Thanks to her. I highly recommend her. She such a friendly and lovely person
Contact her @ 7708857594.

Mrs. Ranjani Muthusubramanian

My baby had both lip and tongue ties ! Once I posted for help in BSIM group I got the solution. I contacted Kanimozhi and she is the one who sorted out the issue. I was told about the liptie and tongue tie which my baby had and I was referred to a paediatric dentist to fix it out! After the ties were corrected my little one started latching properly and slowly I stopped FM. Now my baby is on exclusive BF. Im a super happy mom now. Just a Thank you won’t be sufficient for wat u hav done to me.. stay blessed dear😊

Mrs. Soundarya ramji

I was having severe nipple pain on my left breast when my son was 42 days and got to know about you from bsim group.After consulting you I came to know that the latch is not proper and you helped us in making a deep latch. Now my baby is latching properly and his weight gain is good. You are such a sweet person , listening our problems very politely and spreading postive vibes.
Thanks for ur support!!

Mrs. Deepika Guruswamy

Extraordinary and an important service to new nurturing mothers which helps them for initial bonding growth and development of the newborn.

Dr. Mrs. Chandrakala, Kongunad Hospital

Hi mam. They say happy mom = happy baby but according to me a healthy baby = a very happy family. My angel is a healthy baby who has faced lot of challenges after stepping into the world.This super health is all because of your support and guidance you gave me and my family. My girl birth weight was 2.3kg, initially i did not find any difficulty in breast feeding. But a week later I started getting sore and painful nipples.I couldn’t find the proper reason for that. Every week I could see her gaining very less weight. I was in an extreme depression and pain for almost 45days because of my baby’s poor weight gain and my family’s pressure to give formula. But then I found you and the magic happened.You found that she has tongue and lip tie and told that problem is not with me but with the baby so not to feel guilty anymore.Then you guided us to meet Pediatric dentist for correction.Then after post frenectomy therapy (that also was ur suggestion to do it for her betterment) my baby is taking feed without any complications and is gaining proper weight every month. I can’t express my gratitude.You are a true soul god has sent me to help.Thank you so much mam for your proper guidance and support. Person like you is a boon to mothers like me. Keep Rocking and we love you forever by Angel Mahizhini and her super mom😊

Mrs. Pavithra Gangadharan

Thank you so much for all you have done. I was so on the verge of giving up and now things are going so much better.

Mrs. P. Kavitha

I am so grateful to have been referred to you, your support has made all the difference in the world and we’re all less stressed now that my baby can just latch right on and nurse!

Mrs. Sheebha

We would not have come as far as we have without your guidance and encouragement. I am so grateful!

Mrs. Vasuki Dhandapani

I cannot say enough good things about Kanimozhi Senthamarai Kannan – she is caring, professional, passionate, and above all else, kind. I recommend her to everyone, because in those crucial first days, in that crucial first relationship that your baby will form with you, you want to be in the very best of hands, and that would be Kanimozhi Senthamarai Kannan. Thank you so much for your help.

Mrs. Mubina Syed