Frequent Nursing

Frequent nursing is normal in the early months mostly new-borns need to nurse at least 8 – 12 times per day.

Frequent nursing is also needed for the following reasons :

  • To nourish and grow a baby who has a stomach the size of his fist.
  • To establish a good milk supply for mom.
  • To avoid/ reduce engorgement in the early days.
Sometimes it may be a warning sign for inefficient milk transfer or low milk supply, check if the baby has good diaper output, is gaining weight well, then the frequent nursing is unlikely to be a sign of a problem. Problems with latching can result in frequent nursing if the baby is not transferring milk efficiently. Nurse at the first signs of hunger (stirring, rooting, hand in mouth); don’t wait until the baby is crying. Get help from lactation professional if you feel engorged, pain in the nipples, cracks or blister in the nipple, even after frequent nursing.
Nurse at the first signs of hunger; don’t wait until the baby is crying!