NICU Support

When the baby is a preemie or a sick baby in the hospital it can be incredibly stressful for the parents. Yes, NICU moms are struggling, like all moms they dreamed of snuggling their babies all the time, but instead, they have to wait and ask permission to touch or cuddle their own baby. NICU moms feel isolated and not understood; they would really love their family and friends to help them out during this time.
Many premature baby parents feel overwhelmed, powerless, guilty, traumatized, hopeful, longing to be with their baby and worried. It’s a mixture of emotion and roller coaster situation for them.

Now, as a support system how to help them out?

1. Allow them to express their feelings and acknowledge them. It’s their baby they do have all rights to feel for them. I have seen people consoling them telling stuff like “Don’t cry, it will affect your baby”, “Everything happens for a reason”, “your baby is so teeny” absolutely this is not going to help them but it will worsen their mental state. 2. Suggest the parents take counseling in order to feel better. This improves their mental health and consciousness. 3. Allow them to spend more time with their baby, let them clear all their doubts about their baby’s care and condition with doctors and Nurses. Having skin-to-skin time with a premature baby not only helps him or her to get well faster but can help you to feel closer to your baby and confident 4. Offer help to the parents if they have too many in their hands, few can help with their household work and office friends can take care of their work until they get back to their normal routine.