The postpartum recovery period can be just as challenging as the pregnancy itself. Anything that can provide some relief, and improve your state of mind is a worthwhile pursuit. Postpartum massage can tend to a number of physical issues you may experience and be help you refresh

You may experience soreness, hormonal fluctuation, swelling and trouble in the weeks following birth. These are all very frequent symptoms of the postpartum period of pregnancy and postpartum massage can actually be a wonderful way of managing these symptoms.

Postpartum massage can also help with depression, improve breastmilk production, and speeding up the healing process. This is particularly beneficial for new moms that had C-sections.

Benefits Of Postpartum Massage

  • Relaxation And Stress Reduction
  • Pain Relief
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Decrease Swelling
  • Improving Sleep
  • Better Lactation

If you are unsure, had any sort of medical complications,or had a C- Section, or have any other kind of incisions, stitching or special care needed. You should always check with your doctor first before starting a postpartum massage program.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are going to want your postpartum massage therapist to be someone that you are absolutely comfortable with and can relax with.