Stress & Milk Secretion

When a mother is scared, stressed, or anxious, the adrenaline released by her body system can inhibit oxytocin production. And since oxytocin is what causes milk to flow freely from breasts, adrenaline messes with milk secretion.

Stress and breastfeeding will not go hand in hand.

Tips to increase Milk Secretion/ Maintain Supply

  • Give lots of skin to skin to your baby, helps in milk secretion
  • Don’t forget about demand and supply – Empty breasts make milk, and full breasts don’t. Make sure your breasts are being emptied frequently (8-12 times a day depending on your baby’s age) in order to make the milk your baby needs.
  • Last but not least if the latching is not good, a gain it affects milk secretion – correct baby’s latch with the help of a lactation professional!