Postpartum Depression – BLAME GAME

When a mother delivers her baby, the entire family’s concern is to focus on the baby. What about the mother? How about her feeling towards baby? How about her feelings towards herself? Most of the support system fails to look into mother or she is neglected due to the personal or family situation.
Well, it’s very important to take care of the mother’s mental health. Just think of a mother who had delivered her baby and due to a few medical reasons, the baby is in NICU.
Does no one bother to ask her how does she feel? She is, obviously, anxious, agitated, confused handling her is more important because she is scared deep down and blaming herself for everything. On top of that when the support system blames her, neglects her it gets worsened. This leads to postpartum depression. So what is PPD? In common terms, it’s a combination of hormonal and psychological changes. The symptoms are sleeplessness, crying suddenly for no reason, mood swings, loss of interest in food and self.  
Well, what lays the foundation for PPD is nothing but a lack of support both mentally and physically to a new mother. Stop the blame game and support the new mother in all the possible ways.
I had an experience with twin mom, one baby is with her and the other is in NICU. I didn’t visit her for counseling session whereas I visited her since she was a friend of mine. I simply told her to take care of her food, hydration part and gave a few tips of feeding. She was listening but her eyes showed that she was drained. I asked her how are you feeling? Her eyes were welling up with tears, simply I asked her are you overwhelmed? Is the schedule tiring you? I understand you, you can open up with me, I don’t judge you. That’s when she cried her heart out we had our small counseling session and she felt a lot better after that. A small concern towards a mom will change her, it gives her hope, a ray of confidence. Concern can be given by anyone for that matter all it takes is the Heart to do it. Let’s have that Heart!!!!