Mom Guilt is a feeling of being not satisfied and being critical of self. It is believing that something you did to your child is not enough or could have been better or was completely wrong.

It can be related to:
1. Breastfeeding (when you have struggles)
2. Formula feeding
3. Work – Career development
4. Parenting choices.

Causes of Mom guilt:
1. Over exposure to Social Media – which leads to information overload inturn feel guilty that you couldn’t follow the methods
2. Comparison of parenting style – this can be related to social media and real life as well
3. Self shaming thoughts on our actions or reaction – for eg., Raising voice on child, skipping a routine work for a small break.
4. Projecting out inner insecurities in a situation, without being aware of it.
5. Being hard on ourselves for mistakes and things out of our control.
6. Trying to balance work and life – when a situation arises either one of it demands attention or more time.

How to overcome?
1. Remember – To ask help
2. Be gentle on you, your thoughts and emotions.
3. Remember there is no perfect mom in this world
4. Find your mom gang which will act as your village.
5. Give yourself breathing time and relax
6. Don’t ignore your needs.