Why does a baby cry? Many times I get call saying that my baby is always crying?
Always wants to be on breast? If I hold baby he /she stops crying, the minute I put her/him down again they’re crying?

1. Babies communicate through cry it’s kind of language try to connect/bond with your baby to establish understanding.

2. Allow your baby to get settled to the new environment. Lot’s of change right from the womb temperature,comfort,smell et al.,

3. Your baby might be overwhelmed because of external stimuli like light, sound et al.,

4. Hold your baby, shower your warmth and love baby will get calm in your presence

5. Feed your babies when they demand ie., When they cry, first and foremost step is to always offer your breast first. Never ever bother about timing the feed

6. Learn to identify hunger cues, everyone gets a little cranky when they’re hungry, especially babies: They can go from zero to screaming pretty quickly if they haven’t eaten for a while. 

7. Sometimes baby simply need to cry, and you needn’t feel desperate to make him/her stop after trying all the usual things.

NO Crying Isn’t “Good for Baby’s Lungs” don’t allow your baby to cry it out. After doing all the above still if you’re baby is crying, check the urine count if its 6+ for 24 hours, your baby is well fed, if the urine count is low, baby has dry mouth, eyes and fontanelle(soft spot in head) looks sunken, irritable cry. These are all the symptoms of dehydration ie., Without proper intake of breastmilk. Consult with Lactation professional to sort out the feeding issue.